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Factors You Should Consider Before Purchasing an Industrial Rotary Dryer

Sep 16 2014

Purchasing a suitable type industrial rotary dryer can saving investment, reduce operating cost, and get the maximum economic benefits. The purchase of the industrial rotary dryer must be based on the need of the user, the characteristics of the material, and the actual budget of the customer. Everything is from the reality. Choose the best type of the industrial rotary dryer for the user. This article will introduce you the factors that must be considered when purchase an industrial  rotary dryer.

1. Suitability. Before choosing a dryer type, make a drying experiment for the material to know what kind of dryer is suitable to such material.

2. Firstly choose the industrial rotary dryer with a simple structure, reliable performance, long service life, and an adequate supply of the spare parts.

3. High drying efficiency. Only in respect of the drying speed, the convective drying method has a faster drying speed. And the critical moisture content is low by this method. But different types of industrial rotary dryer still has different critical moisture content and different drying efficiency, although they all adopt the convective drying method.

4. The drying equipment should firstly be suitable for the specific material. And then it should meet the basic drying requirement of the material, and then meet the requirement of the production capacity, production quality, etc.

5. Low energy consumption. Different industrial dryer with different drying method has different energy consumption indicators. Theoretically speaking, the heat efficiency of the conduction drying method can reach up to 100%, but the heating efficiency of the convection drying method can only reach up to about 70%.

6. Low operation cost. The cost of the depreciation, energy consumption, labor, maintenance, and operation must be as low as possible.

7. The industrial rotary dryer you choice must be environment friendly, and safe.

8. Saving investment. For different drying device, when they are used for drying same quantity of materials, their cost is different too. You’d better choose the cheaper one.

Fote heavy machinery, as a leader of the industrial rotary dryer manufacturer, suggest you that purchase a suitable equipment with famous brand and quality endurance, and do not just see the price.

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