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How Is the Energy Saving Rotary Kiln Applied to Molybdenum Concentrate Industry

Sep 18 2014

The energy saving rotary kiln adopts the most advanced hydro-damper technology, which has effectively reduced the production cost for it. Besides, its materials do not contact with fire or heat gas directly, and the heat source is set in the middle of the furnace and the cylinder. The energy saving rotary kiln heats materials thought the heat-resistant steel tube. The furnace is lined with refractory fiber which can significantly reduce the energy consumption. This article will introduce you how the energy saving rotary kiln is applied to molybdenum concentrate industry.

Working process of the energy saving rotary kiln

During the work of the energy saving rotary kiln, the cold air is preheated by the equipment with the heat released from the material reaction when it is entering into the heat exchange device of the kiln. The air after being preheated enters into the rotary kiln from the discharge port to provide heat for the materials in the rear section of the energy saving rotary kiln.

The roasting of molybdenum roaster adopts the internal combustion rotary kiln. Its heat source comes from the coal, gas, and natural. After drying, water content of the molybdenum sulfide is about 5%. Then the molybdenum sulfide is transported into the energy saving rotary kiln to be roasted. The molybdenum sulfide, after being roasted, is discharged from the tail of the energy saving rotary kiln.

Advantages of the energy saving rotary kiln

1. The molybdenum recovery ratio is high. Internal combustion rotary roasting technology is used in the molybdenum roasting, which is the improvement of the external combustion rotary kiln with refection furnace. Molybdenum recoveries may be greater than 98% by such technology. After testing, the product sulfur content is in line with national standards, and more than a dozen devices have been in the application.

2. The working capacity of the energy saving rotary kiln is large. An energy saving rotary kiln can produce molybdenum oxide 2000 ton per year.

3. Long service life and energy saving. An energy saving rotary kiln generally can be used 5-10years. Processing a ton molybdenum oxide just needs 400-450 kg coals.

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