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What Cause the Gap Between the Tyre and the Pad of Rotary Kiln Wider?

Sep 22 2014

The gap between the tyre and the pad of rotary kiln may become wider after a long time use. More serious, there may be some cracks on the surface of the wheel and the firebrick may be broken. What cause the gap between the tyre and the pad of rotary kiln wider? How to solve this problem? This article will give you an answer.


The reasons that cause the the gap between the tyre and the pad of rotary kiln may become wider may be environmental reasons and natural causes of wear. The sealing design of the kiln hood is very strict, but due to long term use, parts of the seals may be failure, causing the leakage of hot gas and dust. When the hot air and dust enter into the gap between the tyre and the pad of rotary kiln, the related parts will be worn, and the gap will become wider. Besides, as the work of the rotary kiln, the natural wear can also cause the wideness of the gap.

The process of the rotary kiln requires a stable operation. However, it actually is a dynamic process. The temperature of the tyre, pad and cylinder may changes much, result in the difference of the reserved gap and the actual expansion, especially near to the head of the rotary kiln. When the installation and adjustment of the rotary kiln is not much correct, the local deformation may happen. Once parts of the cylinder is depressions or protrusions, it will inevitably lead to the gap becomes wider.


Firstly, determine the wideness of the gap when the equipment is cold. When the gap is measured, the caliper should enter into the medial side of the tyre about 100mm, considering the wear of the tyre. Besides, remember that the gap should be measured when the equipment is completely cool to avoid errors caused by high temperature expansion.

Then design the interstitial plate according to the measurements. Remember that you best choose the upper difference when you minus the original amount of expansion to avoid that the last plate may not be installed. When install it, firstly pry an end of the old board with a crowbar. Then put the new board in with a hammer. At last, weld the old board and the new one together.

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