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How Much Binder Is Appropriate for Coal Briquetting Machine?

Sep 23 2014

As the requirement of the environmental protection, transportation, and the smelting process, all powdered materials need to be pressed into a sphere or other shape before they are transported or processed. This process needs to be completed by the briquetting machine, such as coal briquetting machine, mineral powder briquetting machine, charred coal briquetting machine, etc. For some powdered materials which are difficult to mold need to be helped by adhesive. For coal briquetting machine, how much adhesive does it need at a time? This article will give you answer to it.

General principles:

Generally speaking, the amount of the binder is more in the powder coal, the strength of coal products is higher. However, if we take the application effect and the production costs into consideration, on the promise of the coal products, the bind is less, and the benefit is higher. The amount of the binder is determined by the characteristics of different coal and different binders. For some kinds of coals who have a certain bond themselves, they need less binder or non binder.


For coals who have some bond themselves, the amount of the binder is generally between 4%-10%; for carbonized coal, it need to add lime between 20% -25%; for humic acid sodium coal, the amount of the binder is between 5% -10%. Suitable amount of binders can ensure the briquetting quality of coals and bring greater economic benefits.

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