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What Role Does the Separating Storehouse Board Play in the Ball Mill

Sep 25 2014

Mining equipment is a large machine. Every part of it, even a small screw, plays a very important role in the whole equipment. So does the ball mill. For the ball mill, what role does the separating storehouse board play in the ball mill? This article will give you a specific lesson.

1. Separate the grinding media. During the grinding process, the movement of the grinding media is changing. At beginning, the impact force plays a main role. Then the grinding force replaces the impact force and becomes the leading force. The separating storehouse board is used for separating the two kinds of media with different leading force.

2. To prevent large particles channeling to the discharge end. The separating storehouse board plays a screening role to materials. It only promises the materials whose particle size is smaller than the hole of the board.

3. Control the flow speed of the materials. The number, size, and arrangement of the holes on the board will all influent the passing ability of materials.

4. The separating storehouse board can control and improve the ventilation conditions of the ball mill, which determine the quantity of the materials in the ball mill, and control the grinding time of the equipment. It can promise that the production quality is even, and the operation of the equipment is stable.

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