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What Advantages Does the Bearing of the Energy Saving Ball Mill Have

Sep 26 2014

Energy saving ball mill is a type of ball mill. It is the key grinding equipment in the mining industry. After improving the structure and performance, the energy saving ball mill now can be used for grinding raw materials in chemical, cement, new refractory materials, ceramics, glass, and other industries. Compared with the common ball mill, energy saving ball mill has the following seven advantages:

1. The bearing of the energy saving ball mill adopts oil lubrication instead of grease lubrication, which can minimize the friction and save power.

2. During the work of the energy saving ball mill, the temperature of such bearing is much low, which can prolong the service life of the bearing.

3. Under the bearing seat, it is provided with oil level to observe the oil standard. The operator can see the level of the oil, so that he can replenish oil timely. The flange is set between the hollow shaft and the feeding tube, which will connect with the flange inside of the screw feeding tube. In the hollow shaft on the coarser end face, there is a ring flange to prevent axial movement of the bearing out.

5. Remove the outer top cover of the bearing to prevent dust from entering the bearing box, so that the quality of the oil is very good, which ensure the service life of the bearing and the safe operating of the ball mill.

6. Due to the diameter of the ball bearing is increased, forming diameter difference with the average diameter of hollow shaft, which is effective to improving the level of the oil and prevent the oil from spilling.

7. The diameter of the hollow shaft increase because of the installation of the rolling bearing, so that the radial distance between the rolling bearing and spiral tube becomes long, which plays a role of thermal insulation. This design is good for the cooling of the bearing and prolonging the service life of the bearing.

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