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The Initiative Protection Agency of Ball Mill

Sep 27 2014

Compared with the traditional equipment, the biggest advantages of the initiative production agency of ball mill are that it can be started automatically, and can be monitored at every minute. The effective production methods of ball mill has the following three aspects.

1. The application of the active clutch. When the torque is overload and the ball mill is grinding materials with large size, the drive gears can be effectively opened and the rotating speed can also be rapidly slow down, avoiding the wear of the equipment. Moreover, the sensitivity of this device is adjustable. Operators can adjust it according to their own experience and the parameter table. The active clutch can effectively reduce the wear of ball mill, and prolong the service life of the ball mill by 6-12 months.

2. Proactive overflow protection system. The consumption of the grinding medium can affect the final quality of the products in a large extent. The productive overflow protection system can help the equipment to initiatively add the mill balls, avoiding the liner of the ball mill playing a role of grinding medium.

3. Active overload protection system for the gears. Ball mill rotates by the driving of the reducer. If install a speed- testing device between the gears and the reducer which not only can test the high speed but can also preview the strong twisting force and adjust it. If the twisting force is tested strong and the reducer can change into the slow gear and do clutch operation at this moment, then the wear of both reducer and gear will be avoided.

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