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The Replacement Tips of the Impact Crusher's Liner

Sep 30 2014

When vertical impact crusher crushes materials, the impact plate directly contacts with materials. So the impact plate plays a very important role in the work of the vertical impact crusher. It can adjust the size of the discharge mouth and be regarded as a safety device. But the liner of it is easy to wear. It needs to be replaced frequently. This paper will introduce you the  replacement tips of the impact crusher's liner.

1. When replacing the liner of the vertical impact crusher, if the old liner can’t be taken off, it can be cut by oxyacetylene, and clean up the inside surface of the frame. The concrete casted on the liner is mixed by NO. 500~600 sand and cement, and the ratio is 1:3.

2. Before the pour, the liner must be cleaned up, so that the concrete can combine tightly. After the pour, it be trimmed so that the back of the liner can be close to the frame. Remember that do not use the impact crusher until the concrete is fully died.

3. When replace the liner and cut the it, don’t break the cone. The gap between the liner and the cone should be 1~2 mm. When the upper liner is installed, tighten the screws, and then cast it with zinc alloy. Before casting, preheat the cone and liner to 60~80℃. All the joints of the liner must be bunged with rock wool and clay. After the casting is finished, tighten all the screws and lock the board.

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