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The Working Principle of Limestone Impact Crusher

Oct 07 2014

Limestone impact crusher has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, small vibration, high crushing ratio, strong adaptability and so on. It has a very wide application. How does the limestone crusher work? This article will introduce you the working principle of limestone impact crusher.

1. Its structure: limestone impact crusher is mainly composited of pedestal, post boxes, shelves, rotors, Ratchet shutter opening device, etc. When the limestone impact crusher runs, motor drives the rotor though v-belt pulley, materials are crushed by the hammer on the quick running rotor, then they are threw towards to the impact plate and are crushed again, and then they are back to the hammer from the impact plate and are re-crushed. This process is repeated until the material is crushed to the required size.

2. Working principles: materials enter into the first crushing cavity from the first inlet, and then enter into the secondary crushing cavity. When the particle size of the crushed ores is small than the gap between the hammer and the impact plate, then they are discharged from the lower of the equipment. They are the finished products. The limestone impact crusher uses self-safety devices on the shelves. When the non-broken materials enter into the crushing chamber, the impact rack will go back, and then the non-broken materials will be discharged out of the equipment. In addition, adjusting the gap between the impact rack and the rotor can change the particle size and shape of the finished products.

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