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How to Prolong the Service Life of Rock Impact Crusher’s Hammerhead

Oct 08 2014

Hammerhead is a key part of rock impact crusher which is directly used for crushing materials. Therefore, the wear of it is very serious. How to improve the wear resistance of it, and how to prolong the service life of it? This article sums up four points as follows:

 1. The texture of the hammerhead. Texture is the key factor that affects the wear resistance and service life of the hammerhead. Today mostly rock impact crusher manufacturers use high-manganese steel flat hammerhead, and medium-carbon alloy steel hammer. They are both widely used and have a good wear resistance.

2. Reduce unnecessary wear and tear. To improve the service life of flat hammer and the crushing ratio, the unnecessary wear and tear must be reduced, and the energy of the rotor must be fully used. Then we must study the maximum crushing force, which has a great theoretical value.

3. Adjust the balance of hammerhead timely. Sometimes when the rock impact crusher works, it is instable. The main reason is that the former balance has been broken after the hammer head being worn. But the new balance has not been formed. So it needs to be adjusted timely.

4. The overhaul of the hammerhead. During work, the hammerhead of the rock impact crusher should be regular maintained. If one head of the hammerhead has been seriously worn, it can be reused after turning it around, which can reduce the frequency of the replacement.

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