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The Installation Requirements of the Ring Hammer Crusher

Oct 09 2014

Ring hammer crusher works with the help of big impact energy, so it is a high speed vibration machine. When materials enter into the equipment, they are hit and crushed by the hammerhead. Ring hammer crusher vibrates heavily when it works, so its foundation must be separated from others. Are there any other installation requirements of the ring hammer crusher? this article will introduce you one by one.

1. Ring hammer crusher must be installed on the concrete base, and hard wood pads or other cushioning material must be padded between them to avoid any vibrations affecting surrounding buildings.

2. The shafts of motor and rotor must keep straight to avoid the wear of the protective film. Because if the protective film of the coupler is worn, the temperature of the bearing will become high by the frication.

3. When design the foundations, don’t forget the discharge trough, and its pitch cannot be less than 50 °. And the angle can be determined by users according to the feeder and conveyor.

4. Before installation, if you find the elevation of each point is different, or the foundation is too slang, then you can put a pad directly on the foundation to adjust the level.

5. Motor must be installed in the opposite direction of the inlet. The location of electrical equipment must be convenient to use.

6. After the installation of the ring hammer crusher, check all bolts of each part to see whether they are loose or not. And check the host door whether it is close or not. If there are any problems, you should solve them timely.

7. After the checking work is finished, the ring hammer crusher must be tested without load. If everything is normal, then the normal operation can be started.

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