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An Introduction of the Recycling Hammer Crusher’s Main Parts

Oct 10 2014

During the work of the recycling hammer crusher, materials are hit, cut, grinded, and crushed by the quick running hammerhead, and then the crushed material whose size is smaller than the screen hole passes the screen and is discharged out of the crusher. The recycling hammer crusher is mainly composed of the spindle, rotor, hammerhead, liner, impact plate, grid, etc. The followings are the introduction of its main parts.

Spindle: Spindle is the main parts of the recycling hammer crusher that is used for bearing the weight of the rotor and hammerhead, and the impact force. So the spindle must has a high toughness and strength. It must be made of high quality alloy steel. And the spindle can be processed by heating and other chemical methods to increase its wear resistance and fatigue strength.

Rotor: the rotor is composed of shaft, hammer plate, pin, hammerhead, etc. there are pin-holes that evenly distribute on the disc. The hammerhead is tied on the pin to prevent the hammerhead and the disc move freely. The two end of the pin is fixed by nuts on the bearing. And the bearing is fixed on the rack of the recycling hammer crusher.

Hammerhead: the production capacity of the recycling hammer crusher has a close relationship with the shape, quality, material of the hammerhead, especially the shape. Besides, the Hammers ' kinetic energy is proportional to the size and weight of the hammer. The hammerhead is heavier, its kinetic energy is larger, and the crushing efficiency of the equipment is higher.

Liners and impact plate: ores get great speed and kinetic energy within moments by the high-speed hammerhead. To prevent the wear of the rack, the inner wall of the rack is made of manganese steel, and the impact plate is casted by high manganese steel processed by quenching, which ensure the superior abrasion resistance and impact resistance of the impact crusher, reduce the wear of the rack and effectively protect the rack of the recycling hammer crusher.

Grid: the arrangement of the grids is vertical to the movement direction of the hammer head. Its shape is arc which has a gap with the movement track of the rotor. The qualifying product can pass the grids and be discharged out of the equipment. But the materials whose size is larger than the grate slit will be re-crushed until the particle size is qualified.

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