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The Main Classification of Hammer Crusher Machine

Oct 11 2014

Classified by the number of the rotor

Single rotor hammer Crusher machine: The shell of the single rotor hammer crusher machine can be divided into two parts. They are welded by steel plates, and are bolted into a whole. Its liner is made of high manganese steel. After wear, it can be replaced. To conveniently maintain, adjust and replace strips, the front and back surfaces of the shell have manholes. Single rotor hammer Crusher machine is a type of the hammer crusher machine. It is a horizontal rotor crusher.

Double rotors hammer crusher machine: it likes two hammer crushers that combine together. The two sets of rotors are cascaded together. When the equipment works, the two rotors run quickly driven by two motors. Materials in the crushing chamber are crushed by a rotor, and then they are re-crushed by the other rotor. The product size can reach less than 3 mm. So the working efficiency of the double rotor hammer crusher machine is very high.

Classified by the rotation direction of the rotor

Irreversible type hammer crusher machine: Irreversible type hammer crusher machine can only run towards one direction. When the end of the hammer head has been worn, the equipment must be stopped, and turn around the hammerhead with 180 °or replace another new hammerhead.

Reversible hammer crusher machine: Reversible hammer crusher machine can towards positive and negative two directions. The service life of the hammerhead has been prolonged, reduced the replacement times of the hammerhead, and saved the maintenance time. When the reversible hammer crusher machine works, it firstly run towards one direction. When one end of the liner and hammerhead has been worn, then it runs towards the opposite direction. SO that it can continue to work. Therefore the reversible hammer crusher machine owns high crushing ratio, high productivity, uniform product size, reliable performance, stable operation, and low energy consumption.

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