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The Routine Maintenance of the Two Stage Hammer Crusher

Oct 12 2014

The two stage hammer crusher has the advantages of high efficiency, large production capacity, convenient operation, etc. it is widely used for crushing calcite, limestone, coal cinder, slag, shale, coal gangue, construction waste, etc. This article will introduce you the routine maintenance of the two stage hammer crusher below.

1. The operators of the two stage hammer crusher must be trained before they operate the equipment. The training content includes the working principle and the maintenance notes of the two stage hammer crusher.

2. After the new equipment being used in the production line. It must be made a comprehensive inspection every turn. And after it has been worked two weeks, it must be med a big inspection. The inspection includes its lubrication system, its motor, its bolts, its seals, its switches, etc.

3. The bearing of the two stage hammer crusher must be lubricated with 30 grams 3rd lithium grease (GB7324-1994) after every turn. The position of oil must be one-third of the bearing’s total space. And it must be cleaned every half year.

4. When the first set of hammer has been used for 10 days, open the access door to check for the wear of it in order to determine the inspection cycle. When one side of the hammer has been worn about a half of the hammerhead, turn it around and continue to use it.

5. If the hammer or hammerhead has been worn, it must be welded with wear-resisting layer, and the hardness of the electrode must be larger than HRC55.

6. Overhaul inspection contents: wear-resistant parts, straightness of the spindle, motor insulation, main bearings, grate, iron body, electrical appliances and wiring, and so on.

7. Medium examination content: main bearing and wearing parts.

8. Small examination content: bolts, fasteners, positioning, spacing, v-belts, wear-resistant parts.

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