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The Specific Improvement of Mine Cone Crusher

Oct 15 2014

Mine cone crusher is widely used because of its good crushing performance. To improve its whole working performance, it needs to be improved continuously. The followings are the specific improvement of mine cone crusher.

1. Mine cone crusher works on the eccentricity of its eccentric parts. The angular velocity of the eccentric parts is the sum of the movable jaw’s angular velocity and the eccentric shaft sleeve’s angular velocity. So handling the movement law of the movable has a big significance to solve the faults of the mine cone crusher.

2. The center points of the movable jaw and the eccentric sleeve are all not on the rotating center line. So there must be a inertia force produced by them which will make the vibration of the mine cone crusher. In the improvement of the mine cone crusher, such fault must be changed and keep the balance of the mine cone crusher.

3. The optimization of the crushing chamber is the main improvement of the mine cone crusher. The crushing chamber is composed by the liner of the movable jaw and the liner of the fixed jaw. So we should analyze the wear resistance of the line, and find the wearing characteristics and rule of it. Then design out a crushing chamber with the best shape.

4. There are many factors that affect the wear resistance of the liner, such as, the hardness of the raw materials, the quantity of the crushed materials, the particle size and water content of the materials, etc. Due to the lack of effective modern design, and calculation method, so comprehensive research, and experimental work are the effective measures to improve the performance of mine cone Crusher now.

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