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The Structure Advantages of Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Oct 23 2014

Compared with other crushing equipment, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has much more advantages, such as, it can effectively convert energy into kinetic energy, it owes large eccentric distance, and high rotation speed. This article will introduce you the structure advantages of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

1. The unique cavity: the cavity of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has the advantages high production capacity, low energy consumption. The crushing journey is longer and the crushing ratio is bigger with a same diameter. It can crush materials even by a laminating way with full materials in the cavity, which makes the particle size of the product is more even.

 2. Integrated chassis: the new designed integration base includes the main equipment, motors, belt cover, and other installed modules, which simplifies the installation steps of the equipment and brings great convenience to users.

3. The lock of the adjusting sleeve: after finishing the adjustment of the discharging mouth, the lock of the adjusting sleeve is completed by the hydraulic lock. Users just need press a button to complete the locking adjustment work, which greatly reduces the labor intensity, saves downtime and ensures reliability of the lock.

4. Hydraulic discharge gate adjustments: The adjustment of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher’s is finished by the adjustment sleeve driven by the hydraulic motor. Users no need to come to the site, can they finish the adjustment of the discharging mouth.

5. Insurance-cylinder: when the equipment is overload suddenly, oils in the insurance-cylinder can flow back to the he accumulator immediately to protect the components of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and reduce the damage of impact load on the machine.

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