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What Affect the Lubrication Effect of Limestone Roll Crusher?

Nov 01 2014

Lubrication is of considerable important to machine, limestone roll crusher is no exception. If the lubrication of the limestone roll crusher is not done well, it may affect the normal operation of the equipment. More serious, it may even damage the device. There are many factors that can affect the lubrication of the limestone roll crusher.

1. Temperature

When the temperature drops, oil would thicken. While when the temperature rises, the oil will be thin. So in the high temperature environment, using thick oil prevents friction. However, in the low temperature environment, use low viscosity of the lubricant.

2. Speed

The sliding and spinning speed is faster, the time squeezing lubricant into the rollers is shorter. And the lubricant is easy to freeze when it works under a fast speed, so the high viscosity oil is used at low speed, while the low viscosity oil is used at a fast speed.

3. Load

High viscosity oil has better effect to prevent the collisions between metals and work with a heavy load than the low viscosity oil. So the low viscosity oil is used in light load, while the high viscosity oil is used in heavy load.

4. Slamming load

Since engine can make rhythm force, limestone roll crusher needs a thick layer of oil in case of oil film boundary. In this situation, the equipment needs a kind of lubricant containing EP additives.

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