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The Selection Criteria of Rock Jaw Crusher’s Jaw Plate

Nov 03 2014

Rock jaw crusher is used for crushing hard rocks. So the jaw plate of the rock jaw crusher may be worn or broken after a long time to use. Frequently replacing jaw plate not only increases the invest cost of the rock jaw crusher, but also increases the downtime of the equipment which seriously affects the normal production. Therefore, when purchase a rock jaw crusher, users must select a good quality jaw plate. This article will introduce you the selection criteria of rock jaw crusher’s jaw plate.

Analysis from the material used for making jaw plate

1. The hardness of the jaw plate: since rocks are very hard, so when purchase a rock jaw plate, users must firstly consider the hardness of the jaw plate. The jaw plate must at least be harder than rocks.

2. The toughness of the jaw plate: if the hardness of the jaw plate is certain, increasing the toughness of the jaw plate will not only increase the wear of the jaw plate, but also can increase its impact resistance.

Analysis from the shape and size of the jaw plate

1. The shape and size of the movable jaw plate: there are two factors that determine the shape and size of the movable jaw plate: one is the force that movable jaw suppers, and the other is its manufacturing process and the appearance. The first is the basis that guarantees the strength and stiffness of the movable jaw.

2. The shape and size of the fixed jaw: since the fixed jaw suffers much frication of materials, it is easy to be worn. To protect the fixed jaw, we generally install a wear-resistant lining between the movable jaw and fixed jaw. This kind lining is also known as crushing plate. The surface of the lining is usually made of tooth. The angle of the tooth peak is between 90 ° ~120 °. The specific size is determined by the characteristics and size of stones. When it is used for crushing large scale stones, the angle is big, while when it is used for crushing small size materials, the angle is small.

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