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The Characteristics of Pebble Sand Making Machine

Nov 04 2014

Pebble sand making machine is a professional sand making machine that is mainly used for processing pebbles. It has a wide application in artificial sand making, cement, metallurgical and other industries. Compared with the traditional sand making machine, pebble sand making machine has more unique characteristics. This article will give you a specific introduction.

1. The structure of the pebble sand making machine is simple, and its operation cost is low. Besides, it is designed according to the stone-hit-stone working principle, so it is not easy to be worn.

2. The unique installation method and the advanced design of the spindle bearing make the equipment have the advantages of heavy load and high rotation speed.

3. The pebble sand making machine has the function of fine crushing and coarse grinding.

4. Besides, the operation of the pebble sand making machine is reliable, and its security device is high quality, which ensure the security of the operators and equipment.

5. Pebble sand making machine has the advantages of smooth operation, low noise, high efficiency, energy saving, and high crushing efficiency;

6. The working of the pebble sand making is affected little by the material moisture content which can reach to about 8%.

7. The wear and tear of the easy wearing parts is little. All the easy wearing parts are made of high quality wear-resistant materials at home and abroad, so that their service life is long. Besides, A few wear parts are made of a special hard wear-resistant material which is small size, light weight and ease of replacement.

8. The air in the impeller and the whirl crushing cavity can change by itself, so there is no dust pollution.

9. There are many installation methods of this equipment, for example, movable type installation.

10. The product of the pebble sand making machine is cube, which has a big density and less iron pollution. So that the pebble sand making machine can be used as a stone shaping machine.

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