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How to Design a Base for Vibrating Screen Machine?

Nov 17 2014

Base is mainly used for supporting the entire vibrating screen machine to maintain the stability and balance of the entire device during work. The technology of the base is generally not so strict. The tolerances on dimensions are allowed to appear. The seat is usually fastened on the concrete with screws. The purpose of this paper is to introduce the design method of the base.

Selection of base materials

Materials of base the following two options:

1. Using cast iron frame. The source of the grey cast iron is wide, and the price is low. Its casting performance is good, and technology is simple. Its casting stress is small, and no needs artificial aging. It has a certain degree of mechanical strength and good damping properties.

2. Adopting welded frame. Welding machine has the advantages of high strength, and high rigidity. To the same structure, its strength is 2.5 times of cast iron, but it is lighter about 30% than the cast iron. Besides, its production cycle is short. Its structural design is flexible. The thickness of the wall can vary according to need. So that it can adapt the market competition well.

Considerations for welding

Considerations for welding include: the weldability of materials, and reasonable arrangement of weld joint.

1. Weldability of materials: materials have poor weldability will be difficult to weld together. Generally speaking carbon steel with 0.25% carbon (such as Q235-A,20 and steel 25), and low alloy steel with 2% carbon have good weldability.

2. Reasonable arrangement of weld joint: The weld joint should be arranged at the place where the stress is low. And the weld joint must not be at the processing surface. Besides, try to reduce the quality of the weld joints and shorten the length of the weld joints. The position of the two near weld joints should have same distance from neutral axis. Avoid the weld joints meet together. If can not avoid, let secondary weld interrupted, and main weld connection.

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