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The Lubricating Devices of Mini Ball Mill

Nov 22 2014

Lubricating devices are the key parts for extending the service life of mini ball mill. It is also the important parts for reducing the fault rate of the equipment, for example, reducing the breaking rate of the spindle, and reducing the wear of gears and other components. There are two types of lubricating device in the mini ball mill. One is automatic lubricating device, and the other is manual lubricating device. This article will introduce you these two types of lubricating devices in the following parts.

Automatic lubricating device

Automatic lubricating device can work according to the oil using condition of the lubrication system. If parts are lack of oil or their lubrication is poor, the automatic lubricating device will add oil for them by itself. The automatic lubricating device of the mini ball mill can ensure its big gears get fresh oil every times, avoiding waste oil continuously reusing. For the dry lubricants, they are added with high pressure to ensure the smooth moving of it. The used oil is also pressed out with a high pressure to guarantee the quality of lubrication. In addition, automatic lubrication can reduce manual labour, and save investment cost for customers.

Manual lubricating device

Manual lubrication is a traditional lubrication method of mini ball mill. The whole operation of the lubrication system is operated by people. Oil adding time is certain, and there will be no shortage of oil so that mini ball mill can work in good condition. Since oil quality is estimated by people, there must be errors. So the oil may be waste or not enough. Fote specialists do not suggest using this lubricating device. Besides, when add oil for the equipment, it is till running. So such operation is not safe. For the safety of operators and good lubrication of the equipment, it is recommended that use automatic lubricating device as possible as you can.

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