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The Routine Maintenance of Dry Magnetic Separator

Nov 27 2014

There may be some failures appearing in dry magnetic separator after a long time use. So users must do routine maintenance for dry magnetic separator. In the maintenance and repair of dry magnetic separator, there are many details that must be paid attention to. This paper will introduce you the maintenance essentials of dry magnetic separator below.


1. For the reducer, check the height of lubricant which must not be lower than the minimum oil level.

2. For the cylinder, check the lubrication of rolling bearing, especially its two ends.

3. For the chain and sprocket, also check their lubrication situation.

4. For the temperature, check the temperature of bearing and reduce whose highest temperature is 40 ℃, and the motor whose highest temperature is 85℃.

5. For all bolts, check them every turn, and ensure they are not loose.

6. For the spray pipe, check it every turn too. Clean up cats and dogs ensure it is unrestricted.

7. For the ore box, check the wearing degree of it and check whether there are any staffs in it.

8. For the slurry distribution box, check the wear-resistant materials and see whether they are worn out.


1. Users must keep the equipment clean. Spare parts and tolls must be stored neatly. The place that leaks oil must be processed timely.

2. Users must clean the equipment every turn and make a comprehensive cleaning every week.

3. The platform should be promptly cleaned, no accumulation of dirt.


1. Lubricating greases must be used with established brands.

2. Lubricating greases must be lean, using special containers. Open-air storage is not allowed. The surrounding temperature can not exceed the prescribed storage temperature.

3. Before adding oil, clean up the nozzle. If the oil hole is plugged, handle it immediately.

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