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The Good Characteristics of Slag Rotary Dryer Machine

Nov 28 2014

With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, sewage sludge processing industries have developed rapidly. But the production of sewage sludge is increasing, sludge disposal and utilization are more and more paid attention to. Slag rotary dryer machine is suitable foe drying sewage sludge. It is a kind of excellent equipment with a wide application range. Slag rotary dryer machine can be applied to chemical engineering, mineral processing, building materials and other industries. It has made a significant contribution to the sludge treatment. Sludge is used as secondary resource after drying, realizing resource conservation and environmental protection. How many good characteristics dose a slag rotary dryer machine have? This paper will give you a specific introduction.

Structure optimization

The structure of slag rotary dryer machine is compact, so that its footprint is small. Heat used for drying is supported by the wall of the hollow blade on the hollow shaft. The heat capacity of heat transmission of per unit volume is bigger, the footprint is smaller.

High heat utilization

Slag rotary dryer machine adopts heat conduction way to drying materials. All the heat transfer surfaces are covered with materials, reducing heat loss. Its heat utilization can reach up to 90% or more. Besides, it adopts high temperature rapid drying process. Compare to the low temperature heating way, its heat utilization is increased by 40%. And its integrated thermal efficiency can reach to as high as 73%. After drying, part of hot air return to the head end from the rear end and continue to be used to reduce heat loss.

Strong adaptability

Slag rotary dryer machine can control the drying time of the slag according to the characteristics and drying requirement of the slag. Besides, its feeding speed, rotating speed of the spindle and the temperature of the carriers are all adjustable. Users can control the staying time of slag in the slag rotary dryer machine freely. So slag rotary dryer machine has a strong adaptability to slag of different water content.

Production safety

Slag rotary dryer machine is equipped with automatic flameproof explosion-proof device to eliminate the occurrence of industrial accidents.

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