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The Composition of Cement Mill

Nov 29 2014

Cement mill is the key equipment for re-crushing crushed materials. It is widely applied in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, ferrous and non-ferrous metal beneficiation, glass-ceramic, etc. It can be wet or dry grind various ores and other grinding materials. What is the composition of cement mill? And what function is each part of cement mill? This paper will gives you a specific introduction.


Cement mill is a horizontal rotary cylinder. It is mainly composed of a cylinder, grinding gate, liner, and screws. Every time after using the cement mill, users must tighten the cylinder and grinding gate well to prevent ash leakage.


Liner is used for protecting the cylinder from the friction and longer-term direct impact of materials. Liner is an easy wearing part, so it must be inspected regularly. If it is worn, repair or replace it immediately.


Diaphragm is largely used for splitting grinding media to prevent it axial movement and prevent large particles from entering the next cartridge, so that materials can be completely grinded. Besides, it can also be used to adjust the moving and grinding speed of materials

Base bearing

Cement mill is supported by the base bearing though a hollow shaft. The base bearing bears the whole weight of the cement mill and the impact of raw materials. On the bearing seat, there is bearing cover, observation port, and thermometer. The lubrication of the base bearing adopts hydrodynamic lubrication and hydrostatic lubrication two ways. Generally, the permissible temperature of the bearing can not exceed 70 ℃, or it will be burnout.

Feeding and discharging devices

The feeding device has three types: spiral feeding device, and bucket wheel feeding device. For articulated chute, its dig angle must be bigger than materials’ angle of repose to ensure materials to enter in successfully. The feeding method of spiral feeding device is compulsory feeding. Its feeding amount is large, but it is easy to wear. For the bucket wheel feeding device, its feeding amount is too large.

The material discharging device is made up of grate plate, cone material guiding sleeve, lifting plate, discharging pipe, coarse sieve tubes, etc.


It is composed of quick running motor, slow running motor, quick running reducer, and slow running reducer.

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