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Disadvantages of Cone Ball Mill

Dec 02 2014

Cone ball mill, as a traditional grinding mill used for grinding solid materials into powders, plays an important role mining industries. However, there are some disadvantages existing in the cone crusher, which affects the normal operation of the equipment. The followings are several aspects:

1. Expensive configuration: since the rotating speed of cylinder is very slow, which is about 15~25 rpm. If it is driven by an ordinary motor, it needs be equipped with an expensive reducer, which also increases production cost.

2. Bulky size: cone ball mill is heavier than ordinary grinding machines, especially large size cone ball mill whose weight can be above hundreds of tons, which not only has transportation problem, but also has huge investment problem. That is also a defect of the device, and hope technicians can improve it.

3. High production cost: The grinding medium of the cone ball mill is made of iron steel. Itself will be worn when it crushes and grinds materials. And its liner and other components also are worn easily. Therefore, in the whole cement production line, the volume of iron consumption is large. According to analysis, 1 kg iron must be consumed to produce a ton of cement.

4. Low working efficiency: For example in cement production line, power used in crushing operation is about two-thirds of the whole power used in the plant. According to statistics, power consumption is not below 70-kilowatt hours for production 1 ton of cement. However, the effective utilization of this power is low. According to analysis, only 5%~7% of the input power is used for crushing and grinding materials, and others are transformed into thermal energy and acoustic energy which just disappear. This is a big waste.

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