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The Installation and Maintenance of Cement Tube Mill

Dec 04 2014

Cement tube mill is the key equipment in cement production plant. It is mainly used in building materials, metallurgy, electric power and chemical industries. The working intensity of cement tube mill is big, and the working condition is poor. Therefore, its installation and maintenance are very important for the normal operation of cement tube mill.

The installation of cement tube mill

1. Cement tube mill must be installed on concrete foundations fastened by anchor bolts.

2. The host body must keep perpendicular to the level.

3. After installation, check all parts if any bolts are loose, and if the host door is fastened. If there is, fasten it immediately.

4. Configure correct control switch and power line for the equipment according to its power.

5. After checking, make no load test, the cement tube mill can be carried out production after test-normal.

The maintenance of cement tube mill

1. Bearing takes on all load of the whole equipment, so good lubrication has a very close relationship with the service life of the bearing, which directly affects the operation of the equipment. Therefore, the sealing of the equipment must be good, and the lubricant must be clean. The main places of the equipment that need to lubricate include: rotating bearing, roll bearing, all gears, active bearing, and sliding plane.

2. Newly installed tires prone is easy to loose. Users must check them frequently.

3. Ensure every part of the equipment works normally.

4. Pay attention to check the wearing degree of the easy wearing parts. Prepare to replace the worn parts at any time.

5. Clean up dust under the equipment to avoid any materials cannot be broken entering into equipment and result in serious accidents.

6. If the temperature of the bearing becomes high quickly, users should immediately stop the equipment, inspect the whole equipment, find the reason and eliminate it.

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