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The Basic Structure of Gold Shaking Table

Dec 05 2014

The basic structure of gold shaking table includes machine head, bed surface, bunker, water channel, rifle bar, rack etc. Gold shaking table is a kind of gravity dressing equipment for sorting fine grain materials. It is widely used in tungsten, silver, zinc, tantalum, iron, lead, and other mining preparation industries. This paper will make you have a basic understanding about its structure.

1. Bed surface. Bed surface can be made of wood, fiberglass, metals (such as aluminum, cast iron), and other materials. The bed surface is hung or supported by the framework. The common shape of it includes rectangle, trapezoid and rhomboid. Besides, it is tilted and has a 1.5~5 angle with the horizontal plane, so that water flowing in it can forms a thin slope layer of water on the bed surface.

2. Rifle bar. On the bed surface, there are many parallel rifle bars along the longitudinal. Rifle bars gradually lower from the driving end to the edge.

3. Bunker. Bunker is at the upper right of the bed surface. It is about the 1/3~1/4 length of the bed surface. On one side of the bunker, there are many little holes for pulp evenly flowing to the bed surface.

4. Water channel. Water channel is linked with the bunker. It is about the 2/3~3/4 length of the bed surface. On the side of the water channel, there are also many little holes for water flowing freely to the bed surface. In the sink, there are some valves for adjusting the yield of water.

5. Machine head. Machine head is driven by motor and connects with bed surface by a rod, so that the energy can transport to the bed surface and drive it to make an asymmetric reciprocating movement along the vertical. When the bed surface move forwards, its speed changes from slow to fast and then quickly stops; when it is comes back, its speed rapidly increases the maximum from zero, and then slow down gently. The bed surface makes a vertical differential movement, so that ores on it can make a one-way movement and be sorted.

6. Rack. Rack is used for supporting the bed surface. There is a slope adjustment device on the rack to control the cross slope of the bed surface.

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