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The Correct Operation Method of Shaking Table

Dec 06 2014

Shaking table can be used for roughing, scavenging and cleaning concentrate to get coarse material (2-0.5mm), fine material (0.5-0.074mm), and slurry (-0.074). The effective collection particle size of shaking table is 2-0.22 mm. Now shaking table is widely used for processing and sorting iron, manganese, coal, tungsten, tin and so on. This paper will give you a specific introduction to the correct operation method of shaking table.

1. The cross slope of the shaking table. The cross slope of the shaking table must match the water flow. Observe the speed of the pulp and the width of the concentrate, if water is homogeneous distribution without groove and heap, the concentrate is wide and thin, and zonages are obvious, then the cross slope is suitable for the water flowing speed.

2. The amount of the washing water must be appropriate. The washing water includes two parts: mineral water and scouring water. The washing water is required to evenly distribute on the bed surface with a appropriate quantity. If the amount of the washing water is big, the quality of the concentrate will be improved, but the recycling rate is low. So for coarse material or fine concentrate, users should use more washing water.

3. The concentration of the feeding ore must be suitable. The concentration of the feeding ore directly affects the liquidity of the pulp. It must ensure that pulp can flow down along the bed surface freely. In the general ore dressing process, the concentration of the coarse ore is 20% - 30%, and the concentration of the fine ore is 15%~25%.

4. Proper stroke and pumping speed. The suitable value of the stroke and pumping speed is related to the granularity of materials, load of shaking table, and the density of ores. Increasing the stroke will make the coarse material move fast, and increasing the pumping speed will make the fine materials move fast. When the shaking table is used for processing ores with big density or its load increases, it should use larger stroke and quicker pumping speed.

5. The material zonage and collection. If the operation is correct, the material zonage is obvious. It can be divided into concentrate, middlings and tailings 2~4 products. Middlings must be reprocessed. And others can be collected. When the operation is changed, the material zonage will also change. At this time, the collection location of different types of ores must be adjusted accordingly. Therefore, the shaking table operators must hold their position and closely monitor the situation of the material zonage and make the necessary adjustments at any time.

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