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The Installation Steps of Spiral Chute

Dec 08 2014

Spiral chute is a commonly used machine in mineral extraction and mineral processing industry. It is currently one of the most widely used gravity separation equipment. It often works with crusher, ball mill, and other equipment used in processing production line. In order to help users to better use the spiral chute, here to introduce you the quick installation steps of spiral chute.

1. First of all, check the size, shape and quality of GRP spiral (especially its surface). If it is what you want, then it can be assembled.

2. The bolt hole on the spiral is generally drilled by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer has not processed it, users must drill referring to the plate with same specification to ensure the good interoperability.

3. Link five spirals into a group of spiral groove by bolts. Then position it horizontally. The adjacent surface of two flanges must be plated smoothly. If there are gaps at the adjacent, smooth them with putty.

4. Join the linked spiral grooves together according to the desired shapes.

5. Pack four columns individually on the four spiral grooves. Fasten the columns on spiral grooves with bolts. Then install the cross (triangle), and make the spirals evenly distribute around it. At last, fasten all the bolts and ensure the spirals keep the natural shape without obvious variants.

6. Install the feed tray and interception groove individually on the head and tail end of the spiral groove. Ensure connection place tightly and water-tight. If there are gaps, seal them with paint and make sure the surface of groove smooth.

7. Feed uniformly separator and product concentration are just freely placed on the bracket, and not fastened. When install it, you must put them to their correct places. Distributor's various pipes must aim separately to the feed tray.

8. The foundation of the spiral chute is generally not required to fasten. But it must be put on the same level. After installation, check the vertical axis whether is vertical to the level. If not, you can add shims to adjust the vertical column. Set a platform at the proper height of spiral groove, and the platform must be linked with the strut of the spiral chute.

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