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What Is the Structure of Gravity Spiral Chute?

Dec 09 2014

Gravity spiral chute is a new type of gravity separation equipment, which is used for sorting iron form weak magnetic iron ores and has achieved good results in recent years. Its main features are: simple structure, low cost; high space utilization, small footprint; no moving parts, no power and low energy consumption; convenient operation and maintenance; high operation rate and productivity; a wide application range (0.02~0.3mm). Therefore, gravity spiral chute has been widely used in weak magnetic iron ore dressing plant. Gravity spiral chute consists of separation apparatus, feeding trough, spiral groove, cutting trough, bucket, and frame. This paper will give you a specific introduction of the gravity spiral chute’s structure.

Separation apparatus

Separation apparatus is the pulp distribution device of gravity spiral chute. It is located at the top of the spiral groove. Separation apparatus has two types: autorotation crawling and stationary type. The stationary type has simple structure and no rotation part. If one pipe is clogged, other pipes can continue to work.

Feeding trough

Feeding trough is located between separation apparatus and spiral groove. It is used for stably and evenly sending pulp coming from the separation apparatus to the spiral groove along with the protruding feed weir plate. The width of the feeding trough must be suitable, or it will affect the selection effect. Generally the suitable width is 200mm.

Spiral groove

Spiral groove is the main part of the gravity spiral chute. The separation process is completed in spiral groove. The contour line of the spiral groove’s fracture surface is a cubic parabola, and its equation is x=ay2.

Cutting trough

Cutting trough is installed at the ore discharging end at the bottom of the spiral groove. Pulps after being separated by spiral groove form into products with different qualities at the ore discharging port. When they pass though the cutting trough, they are collected according to their qualities. Cutting trough can adjust the cutting width flexibly. Cutting trough has three types: valve block, scraper and plank pose. Valve block type regards a triangle valve block as the width adjustment device. It is flexible, reliable, and easy to operate.

Ore catching bucket

Ore catching bucket is a concentric annular tube. It can collect different grade of pulp streams together and send them into the following operation.


Frame refers to those struts and the upper cruciform shelf. Those are made of steel to ensure sufficient strength.

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