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Factors Affecting the Working Effect of Spiral Classifier

Dec 10 2014

Spiral classifier is widely used in mineral processing plant and makes a closed circulation system with ball mill, or used in gravity concentrator to separate sand and slime, or used in metals beneficiation process for classifying products according to their different particle size, or used in ore washing operation for desliming and dehydrating, etc. There are many factors affecting the working effect of spiral classifier, which basically can be divided into three big aspects: the structure of the equipment, the characteristics of ores, and the operation condition. This paper will give you a summary below.

The structure of spiral classifier

The grading area of the tank is the determining factor that affects the production capacity and classifying granularity of spiral classifier. Making the tank wider, improving the height of the overflow weir, and reducing the dip angle of the tank all can improve the grading area. The width of the tank is determined by the diameter of screw. Generally speaking, its width is longer about 100~200 mm than the length of the diameter. In the production, structural parameters that can be changed is the height of the overflow weir. However, the height of the overflow weir is made at the beginning of production, and it is seldom adjusted. The height of the overflow weir usually points the slant height from the centerline of screw shaft to the top of the overflow weir. For the high weir spiral classifier, its height is 400~800 nun, and for the immersion type spiral classifier, the value is 930~2000 nun.

The characteristics of ores

The influence made by the characteristics of ores mainly reflects on three aspects: the density of ores, particle size, and sediment percentage. The density of ores is almost in direct proportion to the production capacity of spiral classifier. The influence made by particle size and sediment percentage reflects on the slurry viscosity. Its viscosity increases, the settling velocity will reduce. And the production capacity and accuracy of classification are also reduced. So for ores having much clay, they should be classified with a low density, which can help the equipment to improve working efficiency.

The operation conditions

In the operation of spiral classifier, the main operating factors is the density of the feeding ore. The density of ores not only can affect the classification granularity, but also can affect the production capacity of the equipment. At a certain critical volume concentration, its precipitation reaches a maximum.

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