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How Many Crushing Methods Do Crushers Have?

Dec 15 2014

Crusher is the key equipment in the mining, building materials, stone quarries and other industries. How does a crusher crush big size hard materials into qualifying products? How many crushing methods do crushers have? This paper will make a detailed summary below.


Crusher has two working surfaces. When the two working surfaces approach, a squeeze pressure will be produced, which can beak raw materials. Squashing is a main crushing manner for any types of crushers like jaw crusher, roller crusher, cone crusher, etc.


From the literal meaning we can quickly get the meaning of splitting. This crushing method mainly depends on the sharp teeth of crusher. Sharp teeth produce a splitting force to materials approaching them. Materials are crushed by such force is called splitting. The force of this crushing matter is concentrated, so it is effective for partial fragmentation of materials. And this crushing manner is mainly suitable for crushing brittle materials.


There are beams on the working surface of crushers. When crushers work, these beams will mix materials contacting with them. Materials will suffer concentrated impact, and this concentrated impact will fold materials and achieve crushing process.


Materials make a relative motion between the two working surfaces of crushers. Shear forces will affect on the materials and force them to be ground. This crushing manner is suitable for fine grinding materials.


Crushers breaking materials by this method depend on impact force. Impact force is the instant force acting on ores. For example, the crushing force of impact crusher is exactly impact force. This five crushing methods are the most common method for crushing materials. In the actual production, this five methods are not used alone, but several methods are often used together in order to achieve the best crushing effect.

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