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How to Prevent the Spindle War of Grinding Ball Mill

Dec 15 2014

Grinding ball mill is mainly used for crushing various ores with different hardness and other grindable materials. It can successfully grind materials to the demanding granularity, so it is widely used in metallurgy, coal, chemical industry, cement, ceramic and other industries. However, since its working condition is very complex, its spindle is easy to be worn, which brings serious consequences for production. The followings are three main methods to prevent its spindle from wearing.

1. Strengthen the heat treatment process. If the spindle is worn, its repair operation must be carried out strictly according to the requirements that is preheat before fixing, and tempering after welding. In this process, users must pay attention to select a correct heat treatment process, and strictly control the temperature and time of the preheating and tempering after welding to ensure good metallographic structure and eliminate welding stress. In addition, to improve the abrasion resistance of the axle neck, the axle neck must be surface quenched with high-frequency and tempered with low temperature.

2. Reasonably select the shaft and the magnitude of interference that matches with the inner ring of the bearing. When use the grinding ball mill, operators must promptly adjust the inner ring of the bearing to make the axle and the bearing tighter, so that the mechanical stress will not increase significantly because of the large magnitude of interference. Data shows that the bearing has not run to the inner ring after change.

3. Increase knuckle and reduce stress concentrations. Adjust the knuckle of the spindle neck from <160 to < 180. Appropriately increase the radius of knuckle to reduce the stress concentration to the minimum value. Besides, once find the spindle of the grinding ball mill is worn, repair it immediately. And when you repair it, you must pay more attention to the knuckle and make it meet the requirement. Ensure there is no problem on the spindle, then the grinding ball mill can be used again.

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