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Factors Affecting the Power of Coal Jaw Crusher

Dec 15 2014

The power of coal jaw crusher refers to that the work is made by it per unit of time. The power directly affects the energy consumption of the coal jaw crusher. And at the same time, the power is affected by various factors. This paper will introduce you factors affecting the power of coal jaw crusher.

1. The nature of the raw material, like its hardness, compressive strength, humidity, viscosity and so on. This is a factor that has the greatest impact on the power of coal jaw crusher. if the hardness and compressive strength of raw material are high, coal jaw crusher has to make a great work to crush it, so the power of coal jaw crusher is also high.

2. The specification and model of coal jaw crusher. Coal jaw crusher has many specifications and models. Different types of coal jaw crushers have different powers. The larger the size of coal jaw crusher is, the greater its power consumption is. And whereas, its size is smaller, its consumption is smaller too.

3. The rotation speed of coal jaw crusher. In General, the higher the speed of coal jaw crusher is and the bigger its size is, the larger the power consumption is.

4. The rotation speed of the eccentric shaft. In a certain range, coal jaw crusher’s power increases accordingly as the rotation speed of its eccentric shaft. However, when the swing of its movable jaw beyond a certain limit, if the rotation speed of the eccentric shaft continues to increase, its power will rise quickly. If the speed of the eccentric shaft is too high, then the crushed materials can not be discharged timely. This phenomenon will lead to the expenditure of energy.

5. The crushing granularity of finished product. Crushing granularity has a certain degree of influence on the power too. In the production operation, if the particle size required by user is too small, the power of the coal jaw crusher will increase accordingly during crushing process.

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