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Two Kinds of Magnetic Sources for Magnetic Drum Separator

Dec 15 2014

According to the strength of the magnetic field, magnetic drum separator includes strong field magnetic drum separator and weak field magnetic drum separator. The difference of their magnetic fields is because that their magnetic sources are not the same. In order to allow users to distinguish these two kinds of magnetic drum separators, this paper will mainly introduce you these two major magnetic sources of magnetic drum separator.

1. Electro-magnetic source: usually the strong magnetic field magnetic drum separator adopts electromagnetic magnetic source. The technical skill of this kind magnetic source is simple. And it is easy to maintain and operation. Now it is favored by customers of the world. So it is still the prevailing magnetic source of strong field magnetic drum separator.

2. Permanent magnet magnetic source: for saving energy, most of weak field magnetic drum separators adopt permanent magnet as their magnetic sources. The technology of weak field magnetic drum separator is cheap, and has low requirement on the strength of the magnetic field, so permanent magnet is suitable for weak field magnetic drum separator. If it is used by strong magnetic field magnetic drum separator, it can not meet the strength requirement of the magnetic field. The magnetic separation effect will not reach the desired result.

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