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What Causes the Material Plugging of Cone Crusher Machine?

Dec 16 2014

Improper operation is the main reason that causes the material plugging of cone crusher machine. Besides, the sudden failure is also one of reason. This paper will introduce you the reasons that cause the material plugging of cone crusher. Followings are several main points:

1. Wrong feeding operation: there are two aspects that can inflect it. One is the feeding quality is not suitable. it means that there are too much materials fed into the crushing chamber at one time, and raw materials can not be crushed timely, so that they clog the equipment. Another aspect is that there are some materials that can not be crushed fed into the equipment, which may not only damage the inner parts of the equipment, but also can cause material clogging.

2. Improper discharging: it means that the discharging port of the cone crusher machine is nor adjusted according to the discharging need, so that the crushed materials can not be discharged timely but stuck in the crushing cavity, causing material clogging phenomenon. Or there are s materials with big size that can not be crushed by cone crusher machine, like iron sent into the equipment,

3. The yield of the cone crusher machine is too high. If the working efficiency and yield of the cone crusher machine are too high, and the conveyor does not match to it, the crushed materials may not be taken away by conveyor immediately, causing material clogging phenomenon. Once this phenomenon happens, operators must stop the crushing operation and clean up the crushing chamber before continuing to work.

4. The motor goes wrong: During the work of cone crusher machine, if the motor stops silently, the bearing is damaged, the belt pulley is broken, the driving belt slips or even burns, etc. in a word, the motor can not supply power for the equipment normally, resulting in material clogging phenomenon.

5. The parts of the cone crusher machine are damaged or worn. The fixed and movable jaws are the main parts of the cone crusher machine. If they are damaged, hard materials can not be crushed when pass though the two jaws. So they will not be discharged because of their large size, causing material clogging phenomenon.

6. There is debris in the crushing chamber. If there is debris in the crushing chamber of the cone crusher machine, and the operator has not cleaned it be crushing operation, raw materials can not be effectively crushed because of insufficient breaking space, resulting in material blocking of cone crusher machine.

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