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Problems Existing in the Operation of PE Jaw Crusher

Dec 16 2014

When the pe jaw crusher works, the movable jaw makes an anticlockwise circular motion around the fixed jaw with the eccentric shaft, thrust plate and connecting rod dived by power. Its movement locus is ellipse. When the movable jaw moves towards the fixed jaw, materials between them are squeezed and crushed by the two jaws. During the operation, there are problems existing in the operation of pe jaw crusher. This paper will make a summary.

1. When the movable jaw is at the place between 0 ° ~270 ° is called work trip, and when it is at the place between 270 ° ~360 ° is called empty trip. The empty trip increases the unproductive consumption of power and makes jaw wear easily.

2. When the pe jaw crusher is used for crushing wet and sticky materials, the raw material is easy to adhere to the jaw plate and discharging port, which will cause clogging phenomenon and the equipment cannot complete continuous production.

3. When pe jaw crusher is used for crushing material whose surface is smooth or whose is size is special, material may be flipped out at the entrance, reducing the working efficiency of the pe jaw crusher and bringing accidents.

4. When pe jaw crusher is used for crusher material whose structure is flat and layered, it may be crushed into a flat strip product, which can not meet the requirement of the post production.

5. If the screw rod used for fixing the movable jaw is made of material that is failed to match the equipment, it may be worn and damaged unevenly, resulting in the productivity of the pe jaw crusher reducing.

6. Some components of pe jaw crusher is easy to loose and wear, and these failures are difficult to be found, which will affect the productivity of pe jaw crusher.

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