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Notes for the Repair of Alumina Rotary Kiln

Dec 17 2014

Bauxite is also known as alumina or bauxite. Its main ingredient is aluminum oxide. It is hydrated alumina containing impurities. Its color is yellow or pale red due to contain iron. It is mainly used for smelting aluminum and making refractories. Alumina rotary kiln is a kind of essential equipment in bauxite processing technology. Alumina rotary kiln always experiences problems after a long time use. So mastering the repair knowledge of alumina rotary kiln is very important to users. This paper will introduce you some notes for the repair of alumina rotary kiln.

1. In order to shorten the stopping time of alumina rotary kiln, removing bricks and kiln skin is done after alumina rotary kiln has cold for 10-12 hours. But the temperature in the kiln is still above 90oC at this moment. So this work is carried out under high temperature and high dust environment.

2. Since diesel is not resistant to high temperature and powders can deadly paste its air filter and radiator, diesel can not be used for removing bricks and kiln skin to avoid causing trouble-prone.

3. In order to enter in rotary kiln from its small door and avoid to changing the old rotary kiln hood, the width and height of the brick removing machine must be small enough and it must be light and flexible. Besides, its power must be big to complete the operation quickly and can remove the refractory at kiln head.

4. The brick removing machine is required to remove bricks swiftly and can not bring any damage to the rotary cylinder. So the impact power and Hz of the hydraulic brick removing machine must be adjustable.

5. Since the brick removing work is completed by machine. There must be inevitable slag splashing and bouncing. To avoid personal security incidents, operators must stay away from the work area and can not sit at a certain place at front of the machine.

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