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The Improvement Direction of Stone Crusher

Dec 17 2014

Although stone crusher has become the preferred stone crushing machine for users, it still has some shortcomings in the practical production that require continuous improvement. This paper will mainly introduce you the improvement direction of stone crusher.

Raise productivity

In the future manufacture of stone crusher, an advanced control system should be installed in the crushing chamber, so that it can exactly control the feeding quality of materials. Materials fed in should not be more than the crushing capability and discharging ability in per unit of time to prevent stone crusher from plugging and further affecting its productivity. So manufactures must strengthen the development and updating of stone crusher.

Improve the grain shape of product

Users always have a high requirement to the grain shape of product. For the stone crusher, its grain shape is mainly determined by the following factors: the characteristics of the equipment itself, the work parameter, the characteristics of raw materials, the production cost, the wearing degree of stone crusher, etc. So in the future development of stone crusher, we can make a research on the wearing degree of the equipment, and the size of discharging mouth to make a further improvement.

More efficient and environmental friendly

In recent years, the environment of our country becomes worse and worse. And smog has been flooding of persistent shadow, which effects to people's health. The manufacture of stone crusher should continue on the development of technological innovation. Manufacturers must keep the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction in minds. Minimize environmental pollution in the use of stone crusher. Besides, comprehensive development and utilization of renewable energy is also a good way to improve the recent bad environment.

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