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How to Make the Liner of Cone Crusher Work for a Long Time?

Dec 17 2014

Due to the working load of cone crusher is large, and the working condition is poor, the service life of its liner is short. So extending the life of liners is becoming an urgent problem to be solved for the further development of cone crusher. How to make the liner of cone crusher work for a long time? The followings are several improving suggestions.

Select reasonable liner made of high quality material

1. The liner of old cone crusher is made of high manganese steel, which is hard and wear-resistant.

2. As the development of science and technology, the properties of wear-resistant materials has been increased. Liner made of high chromium white cast iron has perfect characteristics. Its surface can be rapidly harden under the effect of impact loading and forms a hard and wear-resistant surface, while still maintains the original toughness of its inner layer of metal. And its service life is about 4 times higher than high manganese steel.

Improvement of lining structure

1. Reasonable design and manufacture liner can not only ensure the productivity of cone crusher, but also save labor and raw materials, reducing production costs. Manufacturers can reduce the thickness of liner on the premise of ensuring the liner's service life.

2. Make the upper material blocking groove is shallow and its lower part is deep. And make the depth of the material blocking groove coincide with the worn lining curves to improve material blocking during the wear of liner.

Pay attention to the maintenance

1. After installing the liner, check whether the center of liner is alignment or not, or liners will collide during operation, leading to the wearing of liner.

2. In the production process, materials fed into the equipment must meet the breaking requirement. Their size must not be too big, their moisture is not allowed excessive, and non-breaking material is forbidden entering in. In addition, the materials feeding must even. Materials must be put on the center of the distribution board and can not touch the liner directly to prevent liner form uneven wearing.

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