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The Maintenance of Gold Stone Crusher

Dec 24 2014

To make gold stone crusher serve for a long time, users must regularly maintain it well. However, how to do with the maintenance of gold stone crusher? Following is a list of gold stone crusher maintenance. Hope can help you!

1. Bearings are the important parts of gold stone crusher that need to maintain, because bearings support all the weight of the equipment, and good lubrication has a much influence on the service life of bearings. Bearings directly affect the using life and working efficiency of gold stone crusher. So lubricant used in bearings must be clean and have good quality.

2. Regularly inspection of the equipment is also the focus of gold stone crusher maintenance. Due to the long time of working for gold stone crusher, bolts, screws and fasteners used for fastening components loosen over time, so operators must regularly check and repair.

3. Timely commission the clearance between tooth roller and liner of the gold stone crusher. During the work of gold stone crusher, materials whose particle size can meet the requirement pass though the clearance between tooth roller and liner and complete the coarse selection to avoid being re-crushed, reducing the over crushing ratio and energy consumption, decrease the crushing time, and prolonging the using life.

4. Regularly inspect and maintain the lubricating system, transmission components and safety devices, of gold stone crusher, because these devices play very important roles in the equipment. Once one of them is broken, the whole production line will have to shutdown, so operators should regularly check and eliminate safety hazards in a timely manner.

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