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What Cause the Sealing Failure of Hydro Cone Crusher?

Dec 24 2014

Since there are powders produced in the working of hydro cone crusher, hydro cone crusher must be equipped with appropriate seal. During the production, however, sealing failure phenomena often happen. This article will mainly describe the reasons for sealing failure of hydro cone crusher.

Seals are damaged.

1. Seals are worn badly. When the gap of its components becomes small, seals will be worn because of compression; or when the wearing parts are replaced, pressure suffered by rubber seals will increase. Then the seals may be damaged because of the local deformation.

2. Seals are aging. During the use of rubber seal, it is affected by the oil, temperature, its own quality, etc. Seal is easy to be aging, which will make the rubber seal loose its elasticity and make the sealing state change, causing the device to seal failure.

Seals are deformation.

1. Caused by uneven force. When the hydro cone crusher is working, stones will hit the wall of the crushing chamber heavily. The strong crushing force will make the body of the equipment tilt and vibrate. Seal is easy to go out from the original motion and deform, which will cause the original sealed state change, result in the seal failure of the equipment.

2. Caused by improper installation. When install and replace the seals, the installing method is incorrect, which causes the local deformation of the seal and leads the equipment failure.

3. Caused by poor lubrication. At the friction part, dust and particles are easy to fall in, and add to long time working at the high temperature environment, the lubricant go bad, its liquidity becomes poor, and the local resistance increases, which lead to the deformation of seals and equipment failure.

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