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Suggestion for Selecting a Good Liner for Symons Cone Crusher

Dec 24 2014

Liner is the most important component of symons cone crusher, which is often worn quickly during work. So purchasing a symons cone crusher with a durable liner made of quality material has a big significant. Followings are suggestion for selecting a good liner for symons cone crusher.

The hardness of liner must be strong.

Due to the manufacturing process of for selecting a good liner for symons cone crusher is continues improved, its crushing ratio is also increased, as well as its crushing ability, liner needs to suffer bigger impact in the crushing process. Its surface hardness can reach up to 500, so the hardness of liner must be improved on the basis of its inherent characteristics.

The shock resistance of liner must be high.

The liner of symons cone crusher has to bear the impact loads of broken ores, which will make liner extrusion and plastic deformation. In cases of repeated plastic deformation, there are many impact pits formed on the surface of liner, so liner must be made of materials having good impact toughness.

The cutting resistance of liner must be good.

The liner of for symons cone crusher has to withstand greater shock loads of ores. The sliding ore and squeezed to the bottom ores endlessly cut and rub the liner, so liner is easy to worn. Therefore, liner of symons cone crusher must be cutting resistance. We usually make liner by high manganese steel which is durable and cutting resistance. In the manufacture, we use water toughening process to improve the hardness, ductility, toughness and wear resistance ability of liner on the premise that liner does not break and fracture.

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