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Steel Ball Matching Principle of Gold Ball Mill

Dec 26 2014

Steel ball is the important grinding medium in the gold ball mill. It is an integral part of gold ball mill and plays a very important role in the working. When gold ball mill is designed and manufactured, what is the steel ball matching principle of gold ball mill? Generally speaking, when there are different sizes of steel balls in the grinding chamber, the grinding effect of gold ball mill is the best. However, this matching data can only be gotten by testing. The most common method used for getting the matching proportion of medium diameter is the feeding granularity correlation method. It means that get the mass fraction of steel ball according to particle size composition. The following is a detailed description.

1. In accordance with the power of the main motor, determine the total amount of steel ball that is allowed to be installed in. Then determine the largest diameter of steel balls.

2. Get the reasonable matching of steel balls according to the surface area of steel balls. Calculate the production of per steel ball to verify the rationality of the matching.

3. Gold ball mill is usually equipped with four graded balls, known as “ less at the two end, more in the middle” and “ big size and small size of balls are less, and medium size of balls are more”.

4. If the raw material is too hard, the gold ball mill needs to choose steel balls with big diameter.

5. For the gold ball mill with double separating grinding chambers, the diameter of its balls is small than the single chamber gold ball mill with same layout.

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