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Experience in Using Steel Balls of Small Ball Mill

Dec 26 2014

Steel ball is an important media in small ball mill. It plays a very important role in the production. The correct use of steel ball relates to the production of small ball mill and more profound affects profit that small ball mill creates. Thus, mastering the using skill of steel ball is an essential thing for small ball mill operators. Due to continuous collision, wear and tear, still balls will damage and they need to be supplemented periodically. For a small ball mill operator, how to control the supplementing amount and matching ratio of steel ball? The nest parts are detailed introductions made by our technical staff.

1. Newly installed small ball mill has a run-in period and during the process of running, the first adding amount of steel ball is 80% of the largest amount that the small ball mill can load. And the adding proportion of different size of steel ball is on the base of the size and weight of the steel ball. Different type of small ball mill has different capacities. Foe example, for 1500x3000 small ball mill, its biggest ball capacity is 9.5-10 tons. At the first addition, the percentage of big size ball is 30%-40%, the medium size ball is 30%-40% too, and the small size ball is 30%.

2. Due to steel ball is worn constantly in the operation, in order to keep the filling rate, reasonable ratio of balls, and the stable operation of small ball mill, steel balls must be reasonably and appropriately supplemented.

3. Small size ball only needs be added at the first time, because the medium ball will be worn into small size ball during normal operation. The only situation that needs to add small size ball is that the particle size of the ground materials is not small enough to meet the requirement.

4. In the operation of small ball mill, steel balls are continuously worn, so to keep the quantity of balls and grinding effect, steel balls must make a reasonable remedy to compensate for wear.

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