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Some Common Faults and Solutions of Flotation Machine

Dec 27 2014

Flotation machine is a key machine in the flotation process. During the course of operation, some malfunctions may occur on the flotation machine. Following is a summary of some common faults and solutions of flotation machine, so that operators can detect the failure and resolve in time. Hope to help you.

1. Its springs are tight. If it is caused by the severe wear of the impeller, then replace it with a new one; if it is caused by the wide gap of the impeller and stator, then adjust it thin; If it is caused by less aeration, then duly turn up the air entering switch at best.

2. The surface of liquid is instable and double flowers appear on it. When such fault occurs, you should check guide plate on the bottom of the cell to check whether the guide plate on the stator and the guide plate on the false bottom match or not. If they are mismatch, adjust them timely. And at the same time, you have to check whether the spindle support device loose or not, and make the bottom of impeller and the bottom of tank parallel.

3. The gland is too tight or lubricating oil is lacked of. The you should properly adjust it and add enough new oil in.

4. The temperature of the bearing is too high. This failure may be caused because the bearing is broken or balls in it are damaged. Or the quality of lubricant is poor. If it is caused by the former, then you must replace a new bearing. If it is caused by the later, then you just need to add in enough new oil.

5. Aeration is not enough. When this phenomenon happens, you should check the cover plate of impeller promptly to see whether it is worn. If it is, then replace a new one. If it is not, then check the plug or spout valve of the gas tube and see whether it is closed or not. If it is, open it and make it expedite.

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