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Regular Maintenance of Rod Mill

Dec 29 2014

Rod mill is a grinding mill regarding frotton as its grinding medium. It is widely used in artificial sand making factory, dressing plant, and other ore grinding workshops. Rod mill becomes more and more popular because of its perfect quality and performance. In the actual operation, the periodic maintenance is very important for the normal work of rod mill. Except for routine maintenance, its regular maintenance includes minor maintenance, medium repair and major repair. I will do a detailed explaining below.

Minor maintenance

Minor maintenance is generally done once for 1-3 months. The main job is checking, repairing, and replacing worn parts, such as, liner, spoon head of feeder, small gear, coupling, glue pad, inlet tube, outlet tube, bearings, etc.; check all the fasteners; check the lubricant of the lubrication system and oil of pump, and clean and add oil and lubricant for them; temporary repair for accident; small repair of the wearing parts.

Medium repair

Medium repair is done every 6-12 months. Except the items included in the minor maintenance, users should make a large cleaning and adjustment for all the components of rod mill in the medium repair, like repairing transmission gear, and replacing a lot of grinding parts.

Major repair

Major repair is done every 5 years. In the major repair, users need to done all the items that included in the medium repair, and besides, they need to check, repair, and replace the cylinder, and end caps, and repair, align, and secondary grout the foundation of rod mill.

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