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How to Adjust the Discharging Width of Stone Jaw Crusher

Dec 30 2014

The discharging width of stone jaw crusher will become wider after long time working because of the abrasion of liner. In order to meet the need of particle size, adjusting device is needed to adjust the discharging width. There are three adjustment methods of stone jaw crusher. Here I will give you a specific introduction of them.

Hydraulic adjustment device

Hydraulic adjustment device adjusts the discharging width of stone jaw crusher depending on the move of hydraulic cylinder and piston. In this adjustment method, the only thing you need to do is adding oil to the hydraulic cylinder by hand or pump. Note: it is just suitable for the hydraulic stone jaw crusher.

Gasket adjustment

Put a group of adjusting gaskets behind the thrust bearing seat. When change the number or thickness of the gaskets, the thrust plate will be back and achieve the purpose of adjusting the discharging width. This adjustment device is simple, light and compact, which is very suitable for large and medium sized stone jaw crusher.

Wedge adjustment

It completes the adjustment by the relative movement of the two wedges between the thrust plate and rack wall. When the discharging width needs to be adjusted, turn the nuts on the bolts to make the wedges move up or down, and then the thrust plate will move with the wedges, achieving the aim of adjusting the discharging width. This method is convenient and saves time, because it can be done without stopping. But it increases the size and weight of the stone jaw crusher to a certain extent.

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