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The Comparison of Ore Rod Mill and Ball Mill

Dec 30 2014

Ore rod mill and ball mill are two big categories of grinding mill. There are both used for grinding ores into powders or small size. However, what differences do these two grinding mill have? Dose they have the same grinding effect? This article will introduce you the comparison of ore rod mill and ball mill. Details are as follows.

The grinding media are different.

1. The grinding medium of ore rod mill is grinding rod, whose shape and size are greatly different from grinding balls. Grinding rod has a high requirement on its materials making of it, especially the hardness and stiffness. In addition, the length of grinding rod should not exceed 7 m, and its diameter is in 75~150 mm.

2. The grinding medium of ball mill is grinding ball, which is much harder than grinding rod. Grinding balls are usually composed of high chromium forging steel; low chromium steel balls and so on.

Performances are different.

1. The rotating speed of ore rod mill is lower than the speed of ball mill with same specification, so that grinding rods in the cylinder can in the state of purging fall which can bring bigger stress to raw materials.

2. Compared with ball mill, the size of ore rod mill’s finished product is more uniform. And the over grinding rate is less.

Applications are different.

1. The product of ore rod mill is more uniform and has less over grinding rate. So in Tungsten and Tin dressing plant and other metal ore gravity or magnetic separation plant, in order to avoid over grinding, ore rod mill is generally applied in these plants.

2. Ore rod mill is suitable for grinding softer or less hard ores, and in some cases it can replace short cone crushing machine for fine crushing ores. While the grinding force of ball mill is too big, it has big grinding effect on grinding ores with high hardness.

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