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The Operation Points of Concentration Equipment

Jan 03 2015

Concentration equipment is usually applied in ore dressing plant for dehydration of concentrate and tailings. It is widely used in metallurgical, chemical, coal, non-metallic mineral processing and environmental protection industries. Concentration equipment is not only just settling equipment. It is a new type of dehydration equipment with mud filtration properties. This article will make a summary on the operation points of concentration equipment.

Before operation

1. Clean debris around and up the machine. Check whether there are obstructions on the roll rack, and rollaway or not. The lubrication and transmission parts must be in good condition. Besides, the equipment is not allowed to work while it is broken.

2. Check whether the pipe and channel are clear or not, and whether rake is well or not. The gate of the overflow hole must be free to open and close. And the closing plate must tight without defect.

3. Check for the plastic pump screws whether they are loose or not, and check the tension of the v-belt.

During operation

1. Close the gate of the bottom overflow hole. Try the equipment without load. If everything is ok, then the concentration equipment can be used in the production.

2. Debris are not allowed to fall into the equipment. The gate the bottom overflow hole must be flexible and can close and open freely. Besides, an auxiliary gate must be installed.

3. Check the center of the concentration equipment and observe the operation of the plastic pump. If the bottom around of the equipment leakage mines, operator must handle them immediately. For the lubricating parts, operator must add oil timely.

4. Ensure safe operation of the concentration equipment and keep the signal in perfect condition.

After operation

1. Before stopping, ensure mines in it have been processed completely. Then close the feeding gate.

2. At last, clean the material feeding road and the operation site to ensure the successful operation in the next production.

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